Pre-wound Bobbin Threads


  • 8,50€ for white box
  • 9€ for black box


  • Pre-Wound Bobbins 100% Polyester Filament 75D/2 “L” Style.
  • Bobbins without sides. 144 per Box.
  • Colors: white and black.
  • Ideal for embroidery machines and sewing machines.

Try this new article in your machines, spending less time winding and more time embroidering. The less stops you have, the most production you get.

How to use a pre-wound bobbin? Simple! Look at the picture below: 

Pre-wound Bobbin Schema

Promotion Sales

Bobbins 100% Polyester. Filament 75D/2 “L” Style. 144 Bobbins/Box Sideless Color White and color Black. +/- 135m of thread. Less stops. More production, More 70% of thread then the traditional bobbins. For any sewing machine or Embroidery machine.

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